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The decision
You want headshots? I do headshots. Coincidence? I think not. Fate brought you here, you can go ahead and book me right now. Or you can read through this first  (and have a look at the gallery) to see why so many others have chosen me time and again to do their headshots.

Yes, I come at a price, but with that price there’s satisfaction guaranteed. Payment is due on the day, either through a bank-transfer, or in cash.

What your hard earned money gets you
Me. And I’m someone who really cares about your headshots, because my livelihood depends on it. I want you to have the best chance possible of getting jobs, because then you will recommend me to your friends, as well as coming back for your new shots in a few years. I will bend over backwards, climb walls, hang off of things, pull faces, pretty much anything to get you the shots you want.
You’ll get up to 3 photos retouched in colour or black and white. All photos delivered in hi-res on a DVD in black and white or colour (or both versions for £25 extra) within 10 days of the shoot. Your selected photos will also be available as a download. There are no prints included in the price. Additional photos can be ordered digitally at £30 each.
When I talk about retouching, I’m not talking about a full nip ‘n tuck. I will remove spots, or any signs of a heavy night the day before. But let’s face it, this isn’t a fashion shoot (though I do those too). For you to get called for the right auditions, you need a photo that shows what you look like. Believe me, I’ve seen photos that made the person look like a Hollywood moviestar, which is lovely, but it’s not-so-lovely when all you achieve is to annoy casting-directors.

What you need to provide
Obviously a well-groomed exterior (or not-so-well-groomed, depending on the kind of roles you want). A not too grumpy interior is good too. If you are grumpy, I will charge you extra! Please bring at least 3 different tops, (the more the merrier, but no need to bring your entire wardrobe). Anything plain in solid colours with a clean neck-line is good. Preferably black, grey or white tops, though if you only want your photos in black and white, any solid colour will do. Please leave the frilly tops at home.

The process
First we have a cup of tea/coffee. Have a chat, talk about the kind of photos you want, talk about the kind of photos you don’t want, and any other banter. This is my way of getting to know you a little better, and hopefully you won’t find me a terrible bore.
I shoot both indoors and outdoors, that part is up to you (as well as the ever-changing English weather of course), personally I prefer natural light.
Normally the shoot takes 1-2 hours, but I have 3 hours+ set off in my diary for every shoot, just in case.
I will upload your photos to my website within 48 hours for you to go through. After much deliberation (if I’ve done my job right) you will then tell me which 3 photos you want me to work on, and I will send the retouched photos electronically within 10 days. If you’re like me, and sometimes leave things to the very last minute, I can speed up this process. For an additional £100 I will have the photos ready for you the same day, but talk to me first, as I may not have the time.

It’s a wrap
This should answer most of your questions, but please feel free to get in touch if you have any further queries.


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